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Running Past Midnight

A Woman’s Ultramarathon Adventure
by Molly Sheridan with Al Marquis

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At the age of 50, mother of three, Molly Sheridan, puts on a pair of running shoes, soul searching for a way to transition into the second half of her life. Within a few weeks and a trip to the doctor, Molly is told that she is too old, too tall, and too un-athletic to begin running. Following her own council and heart’s desire, she embarks on a secret dream, to run long distances.

This thought provoking, sometimes humorous account follows Molly’s journey, beyond motherhood and age barriers to novice runner, onward to extreme adventure, tackling the toughest footraces on the planet and becoming the first American women to complete 138 miles in the Himalayas.


“Molly Sheridan has done things many of us can’t even fathom and she captures these stories with wit and insight. Running Past Midnight is a fantastic read, whether you run great distances, modest distances, or not at all”

-Dean Karnazes, Ultramarathoner and NY Times bestselling author

“Running Past Midnight will leave readers with a sense that they are capable of achieving more in any aspect of their lives. Molly Sheridan has truly written a masterpiece that will inspire even the most ardent couch potato to get up off their sofa, lace up their shoes and take on the world”.

-Susan Sly, Author, Speaker, Entrepreneur

“Molly’s adventures leave you wanting more. Her enthusiasm will give you the courage to get up out of that chair and do something big for yourself!”

-Lisa Smith-Batchen, World Class Endurance Athlete

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